Women's Health


During your initial consultation, your acupuncturist will assess the phases of your menstrual cycle and determine how Liver Qi, Spleen Qi, and Kidney Qi (among others) might require support to alleviate symptoms associated with Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, Dysmenorrhea, or Amenorrhea.  When Qi moves freely throughout the body, the menstrual cycle reflects this through a predictable rhythm, free from discomfort and emotional upset. Acupuncture restores the movement of Qi in the affected meridians, and a change in symptoms can follow.

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After nearly 10 years of working with many different doctors to treat Amenorrhea, a friend suggested I try acupuncture. I feel so fortunate that I found and met Bronwyn - she is amazing. Not only have we made great progress in stimulating menstrual flow but I have experienced so many other benefits from my treatments. From relaxation/stress relief to energy boosting/muscle revival for marathon training – I truly believe my interactions with Bronwyn and the treatments she provides have greatly improved the quality of my life. She is such a caring, optimistic, and incredibly knowledgeable person. I always look forward to my next visit because of her great energy and commitment to helping me live a healthy lifestyle! I would without a doubt recommend Bronwyn. I have a great amount of respect for all that she does!
— Courtney D.


Whether you’re preparing to start/expand your family naturally, or with the help of IVF or IUI, acupuncture treatments offer a wonderful support for women across the board. With your unique constitution and circumstances in mind, Bronwyn Clark will  offer dietary suggestions to support your pursuit to conceive, and through Acupuncture and Moxibustion therapy, support the changes in your body that will promote conception and a healthy pregnancy.

Struggling with fertility is not an easy thing to do, but when I met Bronwyn, she made me feel 100 % comfortable and confident that she could help me. I became pregnant, with IVF, my first attempt, while being treated by Bronwyn. I also saw her during my pregnancy and I delivered a healthy beautiful baby girl.
— Kim R. (age 43)
I completely contribute my heathy and relatively painless pregnancy and postpartum recovery to my acupuncture treatments with Bronwyn. My bi-weekly appointments not only kept my pregnancy related symptoms (e.g. swelling) at-bay, but also kept my mind at ease during a stressful and every changing period in life.
— Erin
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Pregnancy Support

During the later months of pregnancy, aches, pains, and swollen joints are all too common.  Acupuncture offers a drug-free and effective way to address these symptoms, while also supporting the overall well-being of mom and baby.  


Symptoms that arrise during Menopause, including hot flashes, decreased libido, increased anxiety, and interruptions in sleep, can all be attributed to a decrease in Yin and also Essence, according to Chinese Medicine.  Acupuncture and Moxibustion therapy can support the underlying cause of the symptoms, reestablish balance, and alleviate symptoms.  A study by University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill researchers found that among women ages 46-60 who experienced at least 5 hot flashes within a 24 hour cycle, Moxibustion therapy over the course of 4 weeks lead to a 60% reduction in the frequency and severity of hot flashes.