Dry Needling

An acupuncture technique in which needles are placed directly at trigger points (which are often acupuncture points)  in the myofascial tissue. By releasing these trigger points, the needles are able to disrupt the pain cycle involved in chronic and acute muscle or soft tissue injuries and disorders.  This promote healing at the source of pain.  Dry needling is safe, effective, and should not be painful, when practiced by a skilled, licensed acupuncturist who has studied the technique within a comprehensive system of medicine.  


The ear is considered a microsystem, which reflects the entire body.  Points on the ear are stimulated using traditional needles to support any number of ailments or concerns, including physical pain, emotional concerns, and detox from toxins. Another auricular acupuncture approach involves use of semi-permanent needles made of gold, or small seeds taped to the ear, that can be worn for days following a treatment for continued support.  

BattleField Acupuncture

A form of Auriculotherapy utilized by the US Military and NATO forces (hence the name) that can drastically reduce or eliminate pain, including headaches, and all musculoskeletal pain symptoms.  This protocol involves five needles in each ear, and can be performed with disposable needles during a treatment session, or semi-permanent needles that can be worn for days, offering continued pain relief.  


A glass cup is placed on the back, or other affected body area, and the skin and underlying muscles or fascia  is drawn up into the glass cup.  Similar to a massage, which pushes into the muscle, cupping serves as myofascial relief as the underlying tissue is gently pulled up.  The cups can be left in place, or moved along a meridian or body area.  Cupping stimulates the flow of Qi and Blood, removes obstructions, and as the skin’s pores open, toxins are expelled from the body.  It is a wonderful treatment modality for muscle aches and pains, swelling in joints or limbs, and is also a traditional approach to treating respiratory and gastrointestinal disorders.  Small glass cups are also used on the face when treating nasal congestion, tmj, and even rejuvenation of facial skin!  Patients find cupping not only effective but enjoyable.


This is similar to traditional acupuncture, where specific acupuncture points are stimulated with needles.  The needles are then attached to a small wire, and a device that generates a gentle electrical current.  The intensity and frequency of the pulse delivered is kept low such that  the patient has a comfortable experience.  Electrical stimulation may be used when treating musculoskeletal symptoms, as well as other conditions.


Acupuncturists use Moxa, a dried form of the herb Artemisia Argyi, to warm acupuncture points along meridians.  This stimulates circulation of Qi and Blood, it is effective for addressing multiple conditions, and it is generally experienced as a relaxing and soothing treatment technique.

Guided Imagery

During an acupuncture session, patients enjoy the "Yin" experience of lying still in a restful and quiet state.  In Washington DC, all too often we are caught up in a fast paced “Yang” existence, and find it challenging to wind down and experience a deep state of relaxation.  Guided Imagery is a wonderful tool that can be incorporated into an acupuncture treatment.  Acupuncturist Bronwyn Clark will guide you through an exercise “out of your head” and into your body, while acupuncture needles are simultaneously placed.  Each portion of the body becomes completely relaxed on the table, while meridians and the flow of Qi are opened.  The exercise is catered to the unique needs of the individual, focusing on fertility for some patients, and calming the sympathetic nervous system or cardiovascular system for others experiencing stress or anxiety.  Patients emerge from these treatments feeling fully renewed.